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16:39 04/02/2013

Moved TODO scripts to GitHub:

20:02 09/04/2012

This site will no longer be active, only maintained along with all the content from You can still contact me here.

21:35 27/04/2009

Moved to! All old content from is still here. Watch out for a refurb coming soon!

18:11 12/09/2005

Added Not-so-Simple Todo list and Not-so-Simple Todo list with Cron as separate scripts from the original TODO list. Includes colour categories, configurable email reminders... but keeps that simple feel.

10:41 29/07/2005

Updated Todo List to 0.1.2. Better form HTML and a Toggle All option.

14:30 12/07/2005

Added Windows Apache PHP Gettext graphical guide. Updated Cygwin page to include BIND tools. Updated CSS/HTML of site so printing works well.

16:11 11/07/2005

Added Khmer Gettext page. Updated Cygwin pages with sshd and crond. Updated CSS/HTML of site and tidyed up remaining articles.

17:50 02/07/2005

Added Wishlist, Site License, TODO list script. Updated Cygwin and Screenshots pages

22:09 28/06/2005

New design/layout. Hopefully easy to use. At this point I've just made sure all the old content is here without worrying too much about it's layout. I'll be updating the articles soon. Your comments are welcome.

0:01 25/09/2004

Completed site renovation

0:07 19/09/2004

Started new design for site

0:12 24/03/2004

Site back up after suPHP changes on sdf

0:03 15/08/2003

Site down after I ran rm *&.pdf :(

0:08 08/07/2003

Added a new Cygwin Guide as an alternative Terminal Program, and an Installation note in my netbsd section

0:05 05/07/2003

Added new Anti-Leech system, not language-specific, much more solid than previous versions

0:05 05/07/2003

Removed anti-leech for coming update, removed log parser for same reasons, removed quota due to Tenex version

0:02 14/06/2003

It's here! My Tenex Page is up!

0:06 06/02/2003

added the new electronics section! Look forward to lots of goodies to come!

0:11 23/11/2002

added the netbsd section at last! looks sweet :)

0:01 01/11/2002

major updates coming. removed crap sections, added view source on this page, news poster for me. lots to come!

0:09 09/09/2002

added a link to an italian version of the apache tutorial, graciously provided by Dario; thanks!

0:06 06/09/2002

added a new quota check for sdf users: /bin/quota. i hope ppl use it. if you're on droog or sdf you can mirror the script.

0:05 05/09/2002

insane new version of poff's log parser. a baby could install this one, blindfolded. has some way neato ip functions integrated too

0:08 20/08/2002

new version of poff's log parser! way cooler now

0:11 11/08/2002

added mailing list; added new (cooler) version of poff's log parser - now v1.3 - includes skinner and neat quota bar.

0:09 09/08/2002

added new version of poff's log parser - now v1.2 - much better! also added an online quota check: for sdf users

0:07 07/08/2002

added news feed, poff's logs parser and some other stuff

0:06 06/08/2002

took off empty docs directory till i write that essay thingy

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